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Where do you come from? Join two fun-loving tour guides as they answer that question and give you an uplifting look at life in Manitoba! Readers will enjoy seeing what each new season brings and how everyday life in a small agricultural town can be so heartwarming.

Loosely based on the life of Clare's own two daughters, Oksana and Quinn, who are #forever6and4.

Pearl Loves Her Name was published in December 2020. Written for young children, Pearl Loves Her Name tells the story of a young girl who isn't so in love with her name, until she hears the story of Oliver the Oyster, who isn't so in love with his toothache. Pearl learns that patience, learning new information and a change in perspective can change your outlook, and the outcome of many situations. 

Doug the dung beetle is having a terrible day just trying to do what dung beetles are supposed to do: roll dung. He's ready to give up, but his friends arrive just in time to offer some strange advice that gives Doug the push he needs to get the job done!

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